Equissage for sale

05 August, 2013

The Equissage Red is fast becoming one of the most sort after horse massagers in the industry. With trainers such as Mike de Kock to Olympic Medalist Winner, Maria Eilberg using the Equissage Red in their respected fields, its not a question of if, but when you will be buying an Equissage.

Use Equissage Red to enhance performance, facilitate healing, promote general health and well-being and treat specific illnesses and injuries with powerful cycloidal vibrations.

Equissage Red provides:

  • Extended Running Time
  • Balanced Twin Batteries
  • Dual Leg Boots
  • Improved Fitness

Developed by Niagara Healthcare, whose unique cycloidal massage products have been used on humans for both injuries and mobility for more than 50 years, Equissage Red is manufactured in the UK and used worldwide by vets, physiotherapists, trainers and riders.

The Equissage Red is sold in three different packages to sort your needs.

-The Basic Set is priced at R27 500.00
-The Traditional Set is priced at R29 500.00
-The Professional Set is priced at R34 00.00
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