Equissage Red machine for sale

05 August, 2013


Equissage leads the way in Equine Therapy and have been helping people and animals since 1949, enjoying a strong following both in and outside of South Africa as it has been recognized as the most versatile, safest and easiest way to assist your horse maintain and recover to their peak form by increasing the natural healing time.

The Equissage Red device is a multi-unit horse physiotherapy massage system specifically built for equine used to stimulate blood circulation, assist with lymphatic drainage, relax muscles and help with increased joint mobility.                                                                

The concept of Equissage was designed for humans and subsequently refined for equine use and produces results that will amaze even the most serious equine professionals.

  Your horse‚Äôs circulation system holds the key to maintaining peak condition, healing injuries and improving performance.

You can now discover for yourself why top trainers and competitors across every discipline use and recommend Equissage.

Helping horses is our passion and we are grateful for the opportunity to show you first-hand why Equissage is leading the world in equine therapy.

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